Vacuum packed chicken

Does anyone notice a bad smell when opening vacuum packed chicken? The chicken is within date (12/9) and I gave it a rinse and seems ok. It might have a teeny smell to it but now I am paranoid and can't tell. Has anyone had this problem with chicken?



food C. September 6, 2019
Bell and Evans and others began vacuum packing their chicken. The vacuum packing process causes the chicken to smell. It does not fully disappear upon cooking. You are best off buying a non vacuum packed variety. I will not pay a premium for vacuum packed chicken because it is barely edible.
alygator December 1, 2013
Thank you!
bamcnamara December 1, 2013
I think you're prob ok as log as it's within date. I've experienced that too. Those juices are just plain nasty. Good luck!
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