Seemingly uncooked Christmas cake

My Christmas cake seems not cooked thoroughly. What do i do now? Put it back in the oven? It has already been in the refrig for 2 months and is laced with cognac.

Elizabeth Knebli


Elizabeth K. December 3, 2013
Many thanks. I think I'll try both....back in the oven with one to test and if that doesn't work.......oh my goodness, make new ones!
Boopie December 3, 2013
If it's a cake you are definitely sure is too dense, with only 1oz. of cognac added, then yes, I would start over versus placing back in the oven.
Elizabeth K. December 3, 2013
Yes, I added 1oz of cognac - each cake is reasonably small and since there was no run-off, I assumed that it was all absorbed. I have make this cake in its larger version before and it is quite light and airy...these are dense and heavy; that's why I think maybe I didn't bake them long enough. Do you think I should put them back in the oven for a while??? or just start over?
Boopie December 3, 2013
Was the cognac poured on the cake after it was baked? If so, it's seemingly undercooked state may just be due to the liquid. Perhaps too much cognac was added.
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