How to cook frozen enchiladas

For the first time ever I froze my enchiladas after rolling but before cooking - I have 20 for Christmas and just could not imagine rolling that many enchiladas Christmas morning. But now I have no idea how to cook them. Do I defrost first or just go straight to the oven. The tortilla is corn. If it were flour I would be less concerned. Thanks all!

  • Posted by: nancy
  • December 20, 2018


Smaug December 20, 2018
Assuming all the components are already cooked, you might also consider heating in the microwave with 10-15 min. in a hot oven to finish. I've frozen a lot of enchiladas and had no problem, but I'm not a believer in drowning them in sauce as many US cooks do- this tends to make them soggy anyway and might be worse after freezing- with grocery store frozen enchiladas, it's often impossible to distinguish the sauce from the tortillas from the filling.
creamtea December 20, 2018
I'm assuming they are uncooked and that you are not merely reheating them. In either case I think I would cook them straight from the freezer. Cover in foil. Add extra cooking time to what the recipe states. Uncover to brown them the last 10-15 or so minutes (depending also on what your recipe says). You'll probably be able to sense if they are cooked through, but you could poke the center on with a toothpick if in doubt
nancy December 20, 2018
Thank you. Fingers crossed they won’t have turned to mush. :)))
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