Looking for great chocolate wafer cookie recipe

Found one on smitten kitchen and another on joy of baking. Anyone try these or know another? Making Oreo type cookies

  • Posted by: Lara
  • June 19, 2016


Lara June 20, 2016
Maybe will try the other recipe then. Thx
Lara June 20, 2016
Yes saw those two recipes (smitten kitchen and Brown eyed baker). Just need to decide which to make. Thx
Catherine June 20, 2016
I used the smitten kitchen one this weekend and they came out nicely. Definitely err on the side of smaller than larger cookies because they do spread a lot.
Lara June 20, 2016
Is the cookie crunchy or chewy?
Catherine June 20, 2016
They turned out chewy for me, but if you're looking for them to make crumbs for a cheesecake or an ice cream cake, they crumb well in the food processor. They didn't stick together at all and it is super humid here today.
Susan W. June 20, 2016
The Brown Eyed Baker has one that a friend of mine used. It had that Oreo crunch that a lot of them are missing. If you google "Oreo cookie copycat", you'll find it. My friend tried two others and I think Joy The Baker was one, but not positive.
Kate P. June 20, 2016
'Chewy, Gooey, Crispy, Crunchy' by Alice Medrich is a fantastic book and I feel I have seen similar recipes to the one you are describing in it. I think her recipes are great. Good luck!
HalfPint June 20, 2016
I think Dorie Greenspan has a good wafer cookie recipe. Check out her website.
Nancy June 19, 2016
There may be overlap in usage or not quite clear distinctions between the terms "chocolate wafer cookie" which evokes for some of us Voortman or Elite (Dutch, Israeli) cookie finger-shaped multilayer stick cookies with a waffle pattern and chocolate filling and "chocolate sandwich cookies" which evoke round chocolate discs with white filling (like Nabisco/American Oreo cookies).
Maybe use both terms in searching...
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