Is there a general rule for converting cookies into cookie cakes? Can I just bake a regular cookie dough recipe in a cake pan?

I'm guessing the dough won't change, but I was wondering about the baking temperature and time. Would it bake longer since it is essentially one giant cookie that needs to be cooked through instead of many regular-sized cookies?

  • Posted by: Julie
  • August 21, 2018


Nancy August 21, 2018
Yes to longer bake time.
FYI one example.
Compare giant chocolate chip cookie recipe (made in skillet) calls for 18-20 min at 350F vs. regular choc chip cookie recipe (made on baking sheet) bakes at 10-12 min at 350 to 375F.
Julie August 22, 2018
Thank you! That's a good point. I completely forgot about skillet cookies. I was totally fixating on just "cookie cakes".
boulangere August 21, 2018
Yes! On Instagram I follow a woman who lives in the Alaskan bush, off-grid needless to say, who bakes in a wood-burning oven. She ALWAYS bakes her cookies in bulk, so to speak, because she also has three children and did I mention that they live off-grid in the Alaskan bush? I would suggest reducing the baking temperature by 25 degrees, and be prepared to test the center for doneness after about 15 minutes. Add time in 5-minute increments until done.

Incidentally, @food52, she might be an interesting feature for you. Please DM me if you would like her contact information.

Julie August 22, 2018
Thank you! I will try this. :)
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