Our favorite bacon is on sale-- how long does poked bacon last in the freezer? Is 6 weeks REALLY the longest it can go?! Thanks!

  • Posted by: erin
  • December 12, 2013


trampledbygeese December 13, 2013
Uncooked, unsliced bacon, definitely a year or longer. Sliced bacon seems to get dried out for us, after 8 months. Never tried freezing cooked bacon before... We just cook up what we need for the next two days, and buying pre fried bacon doesn't fit with our style because I love using the drippings as flavoring in different things.
ChefJune December 13, 2013
I would freeze it uncooked. It lasts indefinitely if properly wrapped.
Adianne December 13, 2013
I have kept it for as long as a year in a vacuum bag.
erin December 12, 2013
Oops I meant "cooked" bacon, not "poked"
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