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Mo3b December 15, 2013
Yes, vanilla salt is quite popular! I enjoy making as many ingredients at home as possible. I give them as gifts at the holidays.
Maedl December 15, 2013
A number of people have tried making their own here. I don't like the homemade extract so much, but I do like putting a pod in salt or sugar and letting that sit for a while.
Mo3b December 15, 2013
3or more months. Try it!
Mo3b December 15, 2013
While I agree with all the vanillas listed here why not make ur own. Simple recipes are all over the web this season. I starting making my own this year and luv it. Get some bourbon or vodka even rum and split beans. Put in pretty bottle and let it mature about
jamcook December 14, 2013
Penzeys has three types of vanilla and they all have vanilla beans in the bottle. There is single strength, double strength and Mexican Vanilla. You can buy bottles as large as a quart. They also carry Vanilla Beans and Vanilla sugar. This is the best vanilla I have ever used.the catalogue is charming, and their stores if you are lucky enough to be near one, are a lot of fun... Rather like a candy shop. Orders over 30 dollars ship free.
xhille December 14, 2013
I have Nielsen Massey in the cupboard, but am finishing off my Singing Dog first: there's a whole beanpod in the bottle!
Maedl December 14, 2013
I didn’t want to say that Penzey’s makes the vanilla--they carry the vanilla. Where’s an edit button when you need it?
Maedl December 14, 2013
Nielsen Massey is good, but Penzey’s also makes an excellent vanilla. It is produced by Lochhead Manufacturing Company, which was established in St. Louis in 1918.

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Chef L. December 14, 2013
My preference is Nielsen Massey Madagascar Bourbon pure vanilla. Most high-end markets carry it.
pierino December 14, 2013
I will second chef Lisa.
Miriam,Hurley December 14, 2013
Thanks guys xx
ChefJune December 15, 2013
Nielsen-Massey has more varieties of vanilla extract besides the Bourbon Madagascar, if you are interested. Here's their web site: The company is family owned and has been in business for 4 generations. I've used the Bourbon Madagascar exclusively for years. I also love their vanilla bean paste. FWIW, "Bourbon Madagascar" has nothing to do with the Bourbon whiskey made in US. It refers to the origin of the beans.
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