Can you use a blow torch to char radicchio if you do not have a grill setup?

James Durazzo


Shuna L. December 16, 2013
I'm a bigger fan of heating my cast iron skillet to as hot as I can get it without burning the house down, and searing radicchio hard in scant oil/fat. I find that a blowtorch makes food taste like gas if it spends more than a few seconds on a surface.
Pegeen December 16, 2013
Yes, sure, you can use a blow torch to char anything! ;-) I like the gas flame method. You can use a tongs to hold the wedges if you can't find a cake rack as Le Bec Fin mentions.
LeBec F. December 16, 2013
if you have a gas stove,you could also put the rad. on a cake rack
over the flame, like blackening peppers. but then you prob alrdy know that...
pierino December 16, 2013
Hell, yes. Just split them in half. This method works best with the longer Treviso variety as opposed to the round Chioggia.
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