no mess roast peppers

how can char peppers without messing up stove top?

  • Posted by: phip
  • September 24, 2014


creamtea September 27, 2014
You can removed the stem, seed sack and ribs first, then broil them on an oiled, foil-lined or parchment-lined baking sheet. To do this, either cut the "cheeks" off stem-to blossom end (holding the pepper vertically on the cutting board) and place them flat on the baking sheet, or place a whole pepper on its side on a cutting board, take a sharp chef's knife and angle it a little, rolling the pepper as you cut one long continuous piece off of the base. Flatten this piece on the oiled and foil-lined baking sheet and broil till partly charred and blistered, then cover with a towel as it cools. When cool, remove (most of) the peel. You won't have to deal with the messy, watery seed sack.
phip September 25, 2014
Thanks everybody.
Broil it is
I tried it last week but couldn't get a nice char.
Will try again.
Italian housewives do it on their stove top on top of the gas burner sometimes using a little aluminium gadget they use for toasting bread and I think taming flames. Did that and the peppers dripped and encrusted goo formed all over the stove top.
A gas grill would of course be the "Bee's Knees" whatever that means.
Susan W. September 25, 2014
And..of course..I had to go google Bee's Knees. One wiki said it comes from the fact as bees gather nectar, they get the sweet stuff on their knees. The other phrase article was fun to read and concluded it is a nonsense phrase like snake hips, cat's pajamas, sky hooks and striped paint. :)

Good luck and let that broiler heat up until it gets nice and scorching hot.
Meaghan F. September 25, 2014
Try preheating the oven to its highest setting, then turning on the broiler and adding the peppers.
klrcon September 25, 2014
I do mine on a foil or parchment lined baking sheet under the broiler and find it's the least messy way to do them. Outside on the grill over an open fire provides the best flavor, though, and that's the way I would do them if I had a grill.
Susan W. September 24, 2014
You can also put them on a pan and broil them in the oven. I usually do mine outside on my gas grill. My mom has a gas stovetop and she does hers with her gas burners sometimes, but I don't think it makes a mess.
Meaghan F. September 25, 2014
I broil and they come out fine, you just have to keep an eye on them. When they've blackened and collapsed, put them in a large bowl or baking dish until they've cooled and will slip easily from their skins; unfortunately, your fingers will still get a little messy but they'll smell great! :)
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