tried making chocolate macarons in a macaron silpat and they were gooey underneath and were stuck to silpat.. Maked them at the suggested 300 for 30!

  • Posted by: shahira
  • December 16, 2013


Monita December 17, 2013
Whites should have been glossy. The tops of the cookies should have been dry before baking . I would suggest trying a different recipe and see if you have better outcome . Marta Stewart has a how to video on making macaroons you might want to look at
shahira December 17, 2013
My recipe from Food & Wine had you start at 325 and immediately turn down to 300 for 15-20 min. They were not tacky when I put them in. The whites were not glossy when I incorporated the dry ingredients. 100 g of whites to 175g powdered sugar 100 g almond flour and 3 TB of cocoa to make chocolate kind
Monita December 17, 2013
Macarons are very tricky. Most recipes call fro starting the oven at 375 and then lowering it to 325. The macarons shouldn't need more than 15 min, usually less time. Hard to judge where things may have gone wrong without knowing what recipe you used but some key things that are important to pay attention to are: How you incorporate your egg whites; and how long the macarons sit before baking; how old/dry your egg whites are.
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