Is it possible to store recipes in your Food52 profile without making them public?

I use Food52 more than any other recipe website and I'd like to have all of the recipes I use in one place. I want to keep some previously published recipes (e.g. from Epicurious, etc.) on Food52 for my own personal access, but I don't want to violate any agreements.

  • Posted by: za'atar
  • December 19, 2013


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TobiT December 19, 2013
I take a relatively low-tech approach that might work for you: I set up a "FOOD" folder in my email acct - and anytime I see a Food52 recipe I want to save I just email it to myself and move it to that folder. I do the same with recipes from other sites and also with Food52 weekly emails that have something that catches my eye.
That way, nothing is public but I can always access what I need. I know some people might find this a bit cumbersome, but this way I don't have to remember which food site or blog or media source or whatever I saw the recipe in.
ATG117 December 19, 2013
I'm pretty certain that if you clearly note in the head notes that it is an epicurious recipe, and if you don't copy the directions verbatim, you are fine. Ingredient lists are not copyright able. But hope someone from else weighs in to corroborate, lest I lead you astray.
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