I just dissected a live Urchin for Uni sashimi. Can you store in it on regular dinner plate overnight?

The plate is a regular plain white one from Crate & Barrel.

Tara Overton
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Greenstuff December 20, 2013
Great! Thanks for reporting in, and welcome to Food52.
Tara O. December 20, 2013
Thanks for the community and Dad just came by to pick up the roe and had a container with ice and a piece of plastic wrap over it. It's being eaten in less than 24 hours of opening :)
Maedl December 20, 2013
Sea urchins aren't my specialty (far from it!), but can't you buy them live and keep them for 24 hour, alive, in the refrigerator? I know mussels will survive if refrigerated. Maybe this is something to look in to for the next time.
Tara O. December 20, 2013
The Uni kept great overnight on the plate in the meat drawer. I covered it with plastic wrap to keep it from drying out. Ate a piece just now at 9:45 am PST. In the future I would just keep the second one unopened, because it can live for up to 2 days alive in the fridge.
Declan December 20, 2013
Ah! Now I understand ...!
You are familiar with Urchin, live ... etc!

Different conversation ...

But, sorry, I think your Dad has a point. Nothing worse than "tired seafood" on a plate!

Seafood is ?

FRESH! Alive!

I'll stop there ... but, I take my hat off to you for your enthusiasm. ... and your knowledge!

Tara O. December 20, 2013
Yes, I'm half Japanese :) and in Seattle, known for our fresh seafood. I'll taste the remaining roe in the morning. I typically eat them all within the day I open it but this time I got 12 segments (roe) from just 2 of them. So if they go bad within 15 hours then I won't feel so bad about wasting. 12.80 for the 12 roe! In a sushi bar that would cost you well over $30. Thanks for the answers, I am new to Food52!
Greenstuff December 19, 2013
Hate to argue about safety, as I said, I'd gobble them up right away.
But do you have a shelf life reference, Declan? I cast about myself and what I found was actually longer than I'd be comfortable with--days rather than a day. (And...not to quibble, but as a rule, urchins eat attached macroalgae, they're not scavengers...now I know I'm getting too geeky.)

Tara O. December 19, 2013
Not the first time dissecting. Second time :) but have eaten Uni for years. I did store it overnight on a ceramic plate before( sashimi knives are ceramic) with plastic Wrap over the plate and stored in the meat/seafood drawer. My Dad though that they would 'melt' on the plate. Which spurred me to write to Food52.
Declan December 19, 2013
I admire your courage in taking this on. Admirable!
It's a raw fish though ... and urchins don't swim, they eat whatever drops in!

And I'm calculating. ... Way over shelf life!
Declan December 19, 2013
Safe answer ... NO!
Greenstuff December 19, 2013
Beautiful pic! It's best if eaten immediately. If not, I'd put your plate on a bed of ice. That is, put some ice in a bowl or other container that's bigger than your plate, then put your plate on top of the ice, and cover it. The idea is to keep the uni chilled without water leaking in.

Looks delicious, can't believe you haven't just gobbled it down.
Tara O. December 19, 2013
Thank you! I'm saving the rest for my Dad. I knew when I was on the way to the Japanese grocery store that it's a 50/50 chance they are sold out by 3 pm the day they put them out. So I went when they opened. That's the only reason I'm saving it overnight, is so he can have some by 12 tomorrow. I bought 2 at 10:30, opened them at 12 pm and ate half by 5 pm :) I just wanted to make sure they wouldn't be compromised by placing them in a regular plate rather than one made for caviar. I don't actually own a plate for caviar.
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