I'm baking a white cake & the recipe calls for 1/2 cup sour cream or plain yogurt, but I don't have either. What can I use instead?

I have buttermilk & regular milk, plenty of butter. I googled & found buttermilk subs but wasn't sure if anyone had success.



Beatrice,Romeo October 15, 2013
Buttermilk will give it an amazing and smooth texture. You couldn't ask for a better substitute..
Michelle,Neidkowski October 15, 2013
Thanks, the cake turned out fine & tasted delicious :)
msmely October 14, 2013
It's the tang of lactobacillus that you want to reproduce as well as the fat/protein content of the dairy. Buttermilk has the same cultures as yogurt or sour cream so the flavor would work. The rest comes down to texture from losing the fat (from sour cream) or protein (from yogurt.) If you're worried about the loss of fat you could probably substitute buttermilk with butter and be fine.
Michelle,Neidkowski October 14, 2013
Thank you!
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