What would be a good substitute for butter in an apple crisp recipe?

I'm making an apple crisp for friends who eat dairy free and have never tried a butter substitution in a fruit crisp recipe. Suggestions appreciated!

  • Posted by: canative
  • December 22, 2013


Windischgirl March 17, 2017
A butter spread, like Earth Balance, would work. Refined coconut oil (that doesn't taste so coconutty, unless you're going for that flavor) or a neutral vegetable oil. I've also used juice to bind the topping ingredients together...you could try a combo of flax eggs and apple juice concentrate (cut back on the sugar).
Cat August 19, 2020
When will people understand coconut oil is NOT a healthy fat. It’s loaded with saturated fat and condemned by the American Heart Association and many other reputable sources.
Sgb7262 August 26, 2020
Butter isn't healthy either, no one said that they wanted a healthy butter substitute, just a dairy free one
Nancy March 15, 2017
Good olive oil give great flavor in baking.
Just remember to use 4/5 volume of butter as butter is roughly 80% fat and 20% milk solids.
Nancy March 15, 2017
Correction...the other 18-20% is a combination of milk solids and water.
Michael R. March 14, 2017
Applesauce instead of butter-- of course!!!!!!!!
Emily W. December 23, 2013
You could also use oil, like canola or vegetable. I've done this a few times when cooking for people with a dairy allery and it was very well accepted. It's super easy to put together (no crumbling of butter) a d crisps up just the same. Enjoy!
cratecooking December 23, 2013
I've made crisps many times as a caterer for Kosher clients. When using margarine (or any other non-dairy substitute) just keep in mind that they can be very salty. If your crumb topping recipe calls for salt definitely taste it first to see if it is necessary.
bigpan December 23, 2013
You can also search out soy-margarine at a good Asian food store, otherwise I would go the with texture of Earth Balance as it is not a liquid like coconut oil.
ATG117 December 22, 2013
I would suggest coconut oil, but I've heard people also like the earth balance butter substitute--which is sold at WF, and I'd assume other places too.
Kenzi W. December 22, 2013
Coconut oil is a popular dairy-free substitution, so you might try that!
Cat August 19, 2020
It’s a scam that coconut oil is healthy! Do the research.
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