Cinnamon rolls- making my normal recipe dairy free

I need to make my normal recipe dairy free. I use Molly Wizenberg's recipe on Epicurious. What alternative milk would be best in these? Oat, almond, coconut? Would oil be an ok sub for the butter? I'm thinking that my challah recipe has oil instead of butter and it's nice and fluffy. I will use non dairy butter in the filling. Thoughts?

Stephanie G
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1 Comment

louisez March 20, 2021
I'd use vegan "butter," like Miyoko's or Earth Balance sticks, not oil. I use whatever nondairy milk I have on hand, usually coconut or macadamia. There is also vegan cream cheese, by Miyoko or Kite Hill. It tends to be a bit moister than dairy cream cheese, so you may need to adjust glaze.
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