I love the Thai Herb Broth they serve at Wow Bao in Chicago and have tried numerous recipes, but none have the balance of sweet, sour,spicy, salty of the original. Any fans out there who have managed to recreate this tummy warming wonder?

  • Posted by: Krue
  • December 9, 2010


Jenny C. May 1, 2023
I love Wow Bao Thai herb broth and make it often - always have 1/2 cup cubes in the freezer. I come pretty close IMO - perhaps a bit funkier which I'm not mad about. include: homemade chicken broth, shallot or leek, fresh ginger, tamirand, fish sauce, lemongrass and lime juice or rice vinegar
iuzzini December 9, 2010
Mmm tamarind sounds great- also consider lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, and lime juice . . .
beyondcelery December 9, 2010
I don't know about that particular one, but in my experience, soups from Asia (especially Thailand or Vietnam) tend to have a secret ingredient: tamarind. It lends that special sweet and sour tang to broth that nothing else can accomplish. Look for a recipe that uses it and you'll probably be on the right track.
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