I cut the recipe for red beans and rice in half. I am concerned about the cooking time and liquid ratios.

The original recipe called for 1 lb.beans soaked overnight and simmered in 2 quarts for 1.5 hours then adding sausage & spices and simmering for another 30 minutes. I cut the recipe in half, including the water and I'm 40 minutes into the simmering and I have A LOT of liquid, semi-tender beans and more veggies than beans. I assumed the cook time would be the same but am feeling that the cooking is moving along quicker than I expected. Should I adjust the cook time as I have done the liquid? Am I over reacting? Thanks.

Summer of Eggplant
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1 Comment

Summer O. December 28, 2013
To answer my own question - I was over reacting. Patience is a virtue. Everything is working out with 1/2 recipe, 1/2 liquid, original cook times.
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