Best lower price stand mixer?

The price for a stand mixer seems exorbitant unless you use it a lot. Any suggestions for a mixer for someone who bakes maybe 5 or 6 times a year? Cuisinart vs kitchenaid? Other sources? $300 seems quite expensive to me....

  • Posted by: lloreen
  • December 30, 2013


alygator January 4, 2014
I agree - get a Kitchen Aid when it goes on sale. I got mine in a close-out from Williams Sonoma for $199. The prices I have seen recently are a little crazy but if you wait you might get lucky. My KA was probably my best investment in my kitchen. It does an exception job, is fun to use and will last forever!!
Margie January 4, 2014
I bought a used kitchen aid! If you have one, you will use it. It was a total deal, I use it all the time, and I don't own any of the extra attachments, The only thing I would want more, is a home sized Hobart, but those cost >$1000.
cookbookchick December 31, 2013
KA has a $50 rebate going on now, but your machine must be purchased by today, December 31st.
louisez December 30, 2013
I've had a Kitchen Aid for many years, and love it. Amortize that $300 over, say, ten years -- 30 bucks a year doesn't seem that bad -- but, then, I do a lot of baking. Might a hand-held mixer suit your needs better?
sfmiller December 30, 2013
You might consider a factory-refurbished KitchenAid, which are considerably less expensive than new. You can get a 5-quart refurbished KA for $185, shipping included. That's about $100 more than a Sunbeam, but if you use the mixer for 20 years it's only a difference of $5 per year for a much better machine.
LeBec F. December 31, 2013
great advice. looooove my kitchen aid.
Alexandra H. December 30, 2013
I agree- the Kitchen Aid is an amazing mixer. I've had my original 5QT for 25+ years and a 7 QT for 2 years. It's an investment, but should last a lifetime! It's worth saving for the best. I'm a chef, and have used them at home and in restaurants with no trouble. Williams- Sonoma offers 20% professional discount if you're in the cooking trade, BUT they'll also match competitors' prices! Good luck :)
jmburns December 30, 2013
I bought my Kitchenaid at Williams Sonoma in a clearance deal. They were discontinuing that color and I got a great deal on it. Watch for those clearance deals at kitchen stores and you will see them quite reasonably priced. Mine even came with the copper insert for no additional charge.
Sam1148 December 30, 2013
I have a sunbeam. Yes I wanted a Kitchen aide with all the bells and attachments. But frankly I rarely use it...mostly for cookies etc.
It was less than a 100 dollars.

The only reason to get a big mixer like a Kitchen Aid is if you bake A LOT...or if you you'd use the attachments like the pasta makers, sausage grinder, ice cream maker etc..etc.

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