What is the pan you are using to brown the chicken in made of (slide# 10)? It looks like a ceramic gratin pan and I didn't think you could use one...

... on a flame.

  • Posted by: Gleaner
  • January 6, 2014


Amanda H. January 7, 2014
Hi Gleaner, Veronica is right -- it's an enameled cast iron Le Creuset casserole dish. I love it because you can use it both stovetop and in the oven, and it cooks really well. I've had it for nearly 20 years!
LE B. January 7, 2014
and you are correct; you cannot put a ceramic dish on a flame.
Veronica F. January 6, 2014
I think it's a Le Creuset oval gratin dish. It's enamelled cast iron and not ceramic- hence it is flame proof.

Not sure it's the exact same one but I think it's like this one here:
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