How much ground pork by weight would you need to make up for the meat on the pork bones? Thanks, nt

  • Posted by: ntt2
  • January 10, 2014


LE B. January 10, 2014
Ah, phew! she says 3-4 cups in the recipe and that's about 1-2 lb i think.
ntt2 January 10, 2014
I probably wasn't clear - I have pork neck bones, they just don't have much meat on them. Recipe suggests buying ground pork to add to the soup after the stocks made - I was trying to figure how much to buy ? Thanks, nt
LE B. January 10, 2014
hi nt, gingerroot may have a different answer, but i would start by saying that one of the reasons her soup is so successful is that the BROTH is very flavorful/ made from bones and meat. Ground pork is a whole different thing. You couldn't use ground pork to flavor a broth AND then expect to eat it.(the flavor will be gone after 2 hrs+ of boiling/simmering.) you could do one or the other with it. If you put it IN the soup, you would need a strong meat broth to support the rest of the dish. If all you had for broth was some canned chicken stock, even if you cooked it down to concentrate the flavor, i don't think it would be very good. if you are willing to make the broth her way, you could use any pork bones really, as long as they have meat on them (talk to your butcher/gracer). if you have no access to bones at all, you could use a batch of ground pork to flavor the stock (and remove and toss it with the spent veggies) and use a second batch to eat in the soup. Hope that makes sense.
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