How do I know my recipe is entered in a contest? I don't see it yet.

I entered a recipe to this week's contest (one-pot meals) but don't see it listed in the contest yet and can't find any way to add it.
I'm a newbie ... first time entering a recipe or contest :)



Superyalda January 13, 2014
Ah, I actually mention that in my chef comments in the recipe ... it's called Tripoli Tel Aviv Shakshuka :) I think I've learned more about history by cooking than by attending school! Thanks for the info. I love that stuff.
luvcookbooks January 14, 2014
Pierino, you totally crack me up.
Superyalda January 13, 2014
YES! I'm in :) Thank you soo much for adding that one little detail like you need to be in edit mode! aha!
I browsed the recipes and found several shakshuka recipes. They all look good. How can you go wrong with eggs and tomatoes? :) I even have an Italian cookbook with a recipe for "uovi en purgatorio," which cracks me up. Maybe I'll play with that one and add it next time, just to stand out.
Again, thanks so much!
pierino January 13, 2014
"Eggs in Purgatory" originated in Naples which was the heart of the tomato industry in Italy. Shakshuka is a more modern interpretation of the original which most likely traveled from Italy to Libya and on to Israel. The tomato is a New World fruit which came back to Spain with Colombus. From Spain it made it to Italy, bypassing France for quite a long time.
LeBec F. January 14, 2014
Yay, yalda! Welcome to 52!
LeBec F. January 13, 2014
p.s. shakshuka is a very popular dish on 52. If you use it in a Search you can see the other recipes for it on 52. Your recipe looks delicious.
LeBec F. January 13, 2014
no, it does not need to be approved to be entered in the contest.
The Contest window is not on your recipe page. It only appears after you click Edit on your recipe page. Try this: go to your recipe. Above it on the left should be an Edit option. Click that and scroll down below the recipe where there should be a thin horizontal window which you can click to choose
Active Contest or One Pot Meal. The window is just above the "I promise this recipe is original......". You click on One Pot Meal, in this case, and then click Publish. And then you go back to the top left and click on Add Photos (even if you don't have a photo, like me most of the time)and then click on that page to finalize the submission. If this doesn't work, write to the editors right away, before the contest closes.
Superyalda January 13, 2014
And there is no contest option in the window at the bottom of my recipe page. Where exactly should it be?
The FB/twitter/pinterest icons don't work either on my recipe, although they do work on the icons at the bottom of the page for food52.
Does it need to be approved first? If so, how long does that take?
Superyalda January 13, 2014
Yes, I did all that. I can see the recipe. Apparently, so can others. Its just not in the contest even though I tried to enter it numerous times.
I entered a picture, too.
So why isn't it in the contest?
LeBec F. January 12, 2014
yalda, did you click the 'one pot meal contest' option in the window at the bottom of your recipe page? and did you include a photo, on the second page? if you do not have a photo, you still have to go to the second page for the final click that will send the recipe.
sdebrango January 12, 2014
Email the editors, [email protected] The same thing happened to me I just tried again but it's not showing up. Do let the editors know by email that you too are having this problem.
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