Is anyone else having problems editing recipes to designate them for the contest ending shortly? Several of mine don't show the "edit" box.

I sent a message to the editors about each of them several hours ago, but have not even received an acknowledgement. The last time this happened the staff did not respond until later that day, or the next day (in one case, two days later), saying "Whoops. Sorry. There's nothing we can do about it now. You cannot enter those recipes in this contest."
I have not had this problem with the others I wanted to enter. Thank you. ;o)

P.S. Here are the URLs for the ones I had hoped to enter:



inpatskitchen October 20, 2015
Hi AJ! You had entered both of the recipes in last week's contest so they're still under the "test" umbrella and can't be edited. I've heard, that if you contact the editors early, they might be able to help, but I have a feeling it's too late now.
AntoniaJames October 20, 2015
Thank you, IPK. I really appreciate the response. You're the best. ;o)
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