Brunch cocktails

Looking for ideas other than mimosas or bloody marys. Something seasonal would be a plus.

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • January 15, 2014


Tokyo B. January 16, 2014
How about champagne or dry white wine, with a dash of Amer Picon.
Bevi January 16, 2014
Perfect! Thanks!
boulangere January 16, 2014
It sounds beautiful, especially with the lemon.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 16, 2014
Prossecco/Cava and pomegranate juice - light and fruity.
Bevi January 16, 2014
And Pretty! I am suggesting this to my sister, who is hosting a shower this weekend.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 16, 2014
Yes, the color is pink/purple and very easy to serve. A simple garish of lemon peel or fruit makes it look fancy schmancy
em-i-lis January 16, 2014
Oh LBF, I must disagree! The milk punch makes a fabulous aperitif! And done well, I don't find them overly sweet or cloying. I mean, sure, it's not a martini, but the brandy/bourbon + maple syrup (versus powdered sugar) is soooooo good with the milk and cream. Gah, I love them! :)
Mo3b January 16, 2014
Champagne bar!
nutcakes January 15, 2014
Ramos Fizz, Sangria--maybe especially white sangria, Hot Toddy, Pimm's Cup, Pom+Champ,
em-i-lis January 15, 2014
Have you ever enjoyed a Milk Punch? They are an unbelievably good cocktail, often served as a celebratory libation. Here's my favorite recipe:
LeBec F. January 16, 2014
man, em, i love me some milk punch, but i would serve it w/ brunch dessert cuz it's so sweet! do you think irish whiskey would work as a sub for bourbon (which i don't like?)

ATG I really like alot of these ideas but i would counsel you to choose something not very sweet, particularly with egg dishes and other savories. i confess to a predilection for red sangria.....
Bevi January 15, 2014
I like a French 75 (English version) Gin, Champagne, Lemon juice, simple syrup
boulangere January 16, 2014
Me, too!
ZombieCupcake January 15, 2014
This is my favorite drink or this one looks pretty good
HalfPint January 15, 2014
For a mocktail option, try a Pussy Foot.
Aimless January 15, 2014
Hilarybee January 15, 2014
I like St. Germaine or Creme de Violette stirred into cava. Earl Grey or black tea infused gin served in sweetened lemonade. Likewise, lavender syrup, gin & lemonade. Grapefruit gin & tonic.
boulangere January 16, 2014
I'm coming to brunch at your house!
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