How can I or can I serve large shrimp by itself? without cocktail sauce?

Can I just season with old bay or something else, cook, and serve alone? or is that not done? I hate to buy cocktail sauce (for three people) because I never use it all and it sits in the fridge forever. Maybe I'm just being stingy. (?)

Here is the NYE menu: lobster bisque, salad, sautéed rapini and shrimp worked in some how. (and a decadent chocolate desert I bought)

I welcome any suggestions. thank you!

  • Posted by: Pilar
  • December 31, 2021


Gammy December 31, 2021
I just make a ketchup and horseradish sauce (very basic cocktail sauce). Sometimes, if the horseradish is older and not so spicy, I will add hot sauce and maybe lemon juice.
MMH December 31, 2021
There are lots of recipes online for cocktail sauce which call for things which you probably have in your pantry. Use the things you like and I’m sure it will be delicious! Happy new year!
Stephanie G. December 31, 2021
Cocktail sauce is usually full of HFCS and I am too lazy to make some, so I usually just squirt lemon juice all over my shrimp cocktail.
drbabs December 31, 2021
I’m from New Orleans where we cut our teeth on shrimp. You can make a version of barbecue shrimp where you peel and devein it ahead of time (having to peel it is too messy, imho). Here’s a recipe. Serve with French bread.

If you’d prefer shrimp cocktail, poach the shrimp in a seasoned liquid. I us creole seasoning, not Old Bay, but you do you. Here’s an easy cocktail sauce recipe that you can make with what you have in the house; adapt it to your taste.

Another sauce you can use for your poached shrimp is remoulade. Also very easy to make.

I hope this helps. Happy new year!

Nancy December 31, 2021
There are various dished of shrimp and (dark) greens or shrimp and broccoli.
Most common flavor profiles are USA southern, Italian pand Chinese stir fry.
If you like one of those and it fits with your meal, make shrimp and rapini as a main dish.
Nancy December 31, 2021
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