Can I use regular canned coconut milk mixed with some apple cider vinegar instead of the cultured coconut milk?

Cultured Coconut Milk Cornbread
Recipe question for: Cultured Coconut Milk Cornbread


LE B. January 16, 2014
katie, the recipe creator may not look at the hotline but you could email her via her member profile pg and she will likely rcve that.
Katie Z. January 16, 2014
Thanks, for the head's up, Le Bec Fin! I'll try that :)
LE B. January 16, 2014
katie, i think that would work in recreating the coconut flavor and the tang of buttermilk . i guess we both know that you can use regular milk and vinegar to approximate buttermilk (but i am wondering if cider vinegar, which is less acid than white vinegar, wiould not work as well as white vinegar.)I don't THINK the thinness of your idea would be a drawback but if someone says it would, then i would recommend sub'ing plain yoghurt, sour cream or regular buttermilk.
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