This sounds delicious - are the sweet potatoes supposed to be uncooked?



Tarragon January 24, 2014
Thank you all for answering - I just may try the raw sweet potatoes! Very healthy dish.
foxeslovelemons January 23, 2014
Hi! Sorry to chime in so late on this. I'm not sure why Food52 alerts you by e-mail when somebody comments on a recipe, but doesn't alert you when there's a question. All of the veggies here ARE raw. It may not to be everybody's taste, but I just really like crunchy things. If you cut the sweet potato into thin strips, it's actually pretty good :)
Lindsay-Jean H. January 20, 2014
They are meant to be raw. I checked her blog, and she notes that the recipe was originally posted here ( where she does mention them being raw.
LE B. January 18, 2014
i must have been channeling Taro info. That is supposed to be poisonous when raw.
bigpan January 18, 2014
Although raw shavings of sweet potato (or yam as in the photo) are quite edible, I suggest that the "french fry" size of yams have been lightly blanched or baked so they are cooked but still slightly firm to hold their shape and not turn to mush.
LE B. January 18, 2014
since no one eats raw potatoes, i think the pota and corn are supposed to be cooked.
Monita January 18, 2014
It does appear that both the sweet potato and the corn kernels are uncooked. That seems like it may be too "crunchy." Hopefully foxesloveslemons will reply with the answer
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