Sweet Potatoes: I've just acquired an abundance of sweet potatoes. Please suggest delicious recipes that call for lots o' sweet potatoes! Thank you

  • Posted by: Erica
  • May 23, 2014


Dorothy M. November 26, 2020
Sweet potato pies
aim_me26 May 25, 2014
You can also peel and cut up into fries or cubes then freeze for future meals.
Kristen W. May 25, 2014
I like them cubed, roasted and mixed with lightly roasted kale, all tossed in a little miso butter (with a little brown sugar in it, if you like) and served over brown rice or farro or whatever grain you like. Add some cubed tofu for a more complete meal.
Tina May 24, 2014
I love roasting veggies and do a lot of sweet potato, garlic, onion, rosemary, parsnip etc combos. It is great to then put it over farro that's been cooked in a broth with some wilted greens, topped with a flavoured balsamic and yum! With the leftover potatoes I recently made Sweet Potato Black Been Burritos. So good!
ChefJune May 24, 2014
This salad https://food52.com/recipes/6968-yam-zucchini-and-chickpea-salad only uses 2 sweets, but it is so delicious, it has become a weekday staple for our lunchboxes. You really should try it.
Eat A. May 23, 2014
Sweet potatoes make extremely tasty home made fermented soda drink. It doesn't sound like they would, but the drink is excellent. It's mentioned in Sandor Katz's book Art of Fermentation. http://www.culturesforhealth.com/sweet-potato-fly-recipe
I tried it several times and we love it.
Erica May 23, 2014
Hmm, another interesting suggestion I never would have thought of. Thanks for the inspiration!
maimai50 May 23, 2014
sweet potato pudding from the Brown Betty cookbook.. very good cookbook
magpiebaker May 23, 2014
If you happen to have Marie Simmons' Fresh & Fast Vegetarian cookbook, her curried sweet potato wedges are fabulous.
Bevi May 23, 2014
Sweet potato fries baked in the oven will use up some.
Stephanie May 23, 2014
Roasted sweet potatoes with lemon, evoo, garlic, slices, capers yum
Erica May 23, 2014
Mmmm... Sounds good, and I love the ease of roasting. Capers, 'huh? I never would have thought of it, but again, makes sense - salty/sweet/lemon-y combo. I might try this one cuz it sounds so easy and like it may be surprisingly good!
TobiT May 23, 2014
Last year I made a sweet potato potato salad, with black beans, cumin, scallions and olive oil. It was an experiment so I don't have a recipe. But everyone loved it, even the picky and conservative eaters. Probably included a bit of salt and pepper and might have added a touch of honey. Would be great for a Memorial Day picnic!
Erica May 23, 2014
I'm pretty sure I've got all these ingredients on hand, and with a BBQ to attend Sunday, this one just might be it!
TobiT May 23, 2014
I should have added that I first roasted the potatoes (cut into about 3/4 inch cubes) until they were slightly tender - not mushy. So the dish still has a nice chew quality. Make sure you don't crowd the potatoes when you roast - otherwise they will steam and the texture will be off. I suppose you can boil the cubed potatoes too,but again be careful not to let them get mushy. You can make this the day before. If you do go with this, I hope it works out!
rosalind5 May 23, 2014
The late great Richard Sax has a wonderful sweet potato pie in his 1994 "Classic Home Desserts" compendium. Here is an online adaption of his recipe: http://thebakingpan.com/recipes/pies-and-tarts/sweet-potato-pie/
HalfPint May 23, 2014
I just love it mashed with butter and a little chipotle in adobo. Anything spicy and/or smoky is delicious with sweet potatoes.
kimhw May 23, 2014
Especially if you have more than you can eat soon, because it freezes really well like this.
Erica May 23, 2014
Mmmm... Sounds like a good combo to balance the 'sweet'
ChefJune May 23, 2014
This delicious pie https://food52.com/recipes/2089-sweet-potato-pie will use up a few. :)
Erica May 23, 2014
Thanks, Chef June! Looks delish!
Monita May 23, 2014
Begin by checking out this link: https://food52.com/recipes/search?q=sweet+potatoes
So many great recipes here.
Erica May 23, 2014
Thank you! I found some good ones!
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