Leftover goose

We're roasting a goose for dinner and we'll have lots of leftovers. What are some creative ways to use the leftovers? I really want to make sure we use it all (we'll start with sandwiches and I'll freeze what we don't finish), so something a little different would be great (tacos?).



MTMitchell January 20, 2014
Thanks all! Great ideas. We'll be making stock for sure, and we have a dinner guest tomorrow so I'm going to attempt rilette. She's a good friend so if I ness up it'll be ok! I made a little hash this morning with the goose and leftover carrots and potatoes we roasted with the goose yesterday. It was really good. I'm glad to have all these ideas.
LeBec F. January 20, 2014
p.s. yes, tacos or quesadillas sauteed in a little goose fat.
LeBec F. January 20, 2014
we have smoked goose every Xmas, sometimes just for the 2 of us! Lots of leftovers!Personally, i find it a subtle flavor and so i try to highlight that as much as possible/not obscure it w/ BBQ sauce or the like (though goose gravy goes really well with it.
We also make pot pies to freeze: 4 mounds of a stuffing with apples, prunes and almonds; or mounds of starch; topped with scattered cubed roast buttercup squash and sliced sauteed mushrooms. Each mound is topped with shredded goose and gravy is poured over all; and a pie crust tops the pan. Wrap, freeze, bake off frozen. If I put it in a soup, i might add it at service time so its flavor doesn't dissipate.

Fun as hash with yams. (if you want my recipe, let me know.)
I hope you save the fat from drippings and make goose stock from the carcass and also save the fat from that. Goose fat can be even more flavorful than duck fat for roasting potatoes and millions of other things...!
kimhw January 19, 2014
I agree with Felicia. Anything you would do with leftover turkey you can do with goose. It will just be richer so you may have to compensate a bit for the added fat.

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bigpan January 19, 2014
Depending on how much you have left, take some and put in the blender with some sauteed onion and splash of brandy and you will have some goose rillette - fabulous on crackers for a pre dinner snack...or anytime appetizer snackeepoo.
Greenstuff January 19, 2014
Make broth with the carcass. Use some of the goose meat in a soup--I think it's better cooked more than it is in a sandwich. A goose soup with beans and cabbage or sauerkraut is really good.

And save the fat for cooking.
Felicia M. January 19, 2014
Pies (pot pie, shepherd pie, hand pies), a variation of beef stroganoff, a variation of chicken paprikash, a variation of chicken soup...all kinds of thing really...
Felicia M. January 19, 2014
Oh! Don't forget fried rice or fried noodle or over ramen. Add kimchi and make kimchi goose fried rice with an egg on top. Shred and add bbq sauce for a sandwich
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