A question about a recipe: Salted Dark Chocolate Nut Bars

I have a question about the recipe "Salted Dark Chocolate Nut Bars" from Lindsey S. Love | Dolly and Oatmeal . Are the buckwheat groats added raw? If so, wouldn't they be hard and inedible? Also, is toasted millet a reasonable substitute for puffed quinoa?

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  • Posted by: Darita
  • February 16, 2014
Salted Dark Chocolate Nut Bars
Recipe question for: Salted Dark Chocolate Nut Bars


Diana May 18, 2014
I added the groats raw and they are totally fine. They seem like rocks at first but they aren't in the final product. I used puffed brown rice as a sub for puffed quinoa, but then researched it and making puffed quinoa is as easy as making popcorn on the stove.
Lindsay-Jean H. February 17, 2014
It seems like this is a recipe that lends itself well to substitutions. A number of people subbed in more nuts instead of an ingredient or two, another commenter successfully used millet in place of buckwheat groats, and in the comments, the recipe author said: "If you're having difficulty finding puffed quinoa, a few great substitutes would be puffed brown rice, or puffed millet."
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