quinoa for millet?

Hi, I'm deciding whether or not i can make the edamame burgers from food network.com. the recipe calls for toasted millet but i dont have millet right now. i have quinoa. can i substitute it? (the millet is prepared and then seasoned and mixed with the edamame to make the burgers)




StacyG April 1, 2011
I think it's a good substitution but quinoa needs to be rinsed or it will be bitter so I don't think toasting is necessary. I would rinse, cook and add it instead of the millet in your recipe.
boulangere March 31, 2011
I don't pre-cook millet because I like its crunch, but with quinoa you must, or it will be like chewing on tiny bb's.
sarah K. March 31, 2011
It should work, and it'll probably by yummier, too! Millet just tastes like mushy rocks to me.
macollins March 31, 2011
They have the same cooking times, if my memory serves me. It's a good substitution too, in terms of size and texture. One of the comments on the recipes mentions having substituted bulgur and it worked...the recipe looks flexible that way.
beyondcelery March 31, 2011
That should work just fine! When you cook the quinoa, use one part quinoa to three parts water (instead of 1:2 for millet). Quinoa absorbs water much more readily. Go ahead and toast the quinoa before cooking it, like the instructions say for the millet.
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