Can you substitute another starch for the corn starch?

Breton Butter Cake
Recipe question for: Breton Butter Cake


Kelly P. February 19, 2014
Thanks! I actually have Arrowroot on hand. Also have potato starch as well. I haven't done much GF baking yet except for a few mixes that weren't all that great. Thanks again!
ChefJune February 19, 2014
I always use potato starch in lieu of cornstarch.
LE B. February 19, 2014
june, plse tell why. Should i not be using cornstarch iyo?
Marin T. February 19, 2014
I agree Flesch! Arrowroot is awesome, I used it in placeof three tbs. of cornstarch in an ice cream base recipe and it was really good!
ChezHenry February 19, 2014
Potato starch would work well.
flesch February 19, 2014
You could try arrowroot, which turns out very similar to cornstarch. The only difference is arrowroot is more expensive
darksideofthespoon February 19, 2014
I've tried subbing rice flour for cornstarch.. it worked, but definitely not the same texture. In the recipe you posted it seems like such a small amount of CS that you might be able to get away with it.
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