Frozen chicken stock

How long can chicken stock be frozen? I put some in the freezer about 3 months ago.

  • Posted by: ChefGam
  • March 2, 2014


dymnyno March 10, 2014
Depends on what kind of freezer you have. I it is just the one that is part of your refrigerator, 6 months max. Longer, you need a really cold freezer.
Diana B. March 6, 2014
Got a friend with a pressure canner? You might ask them to pressure can the stuff for you, which you can keep for longer and save the freezer space.
ChefJune March 5, 2014
Your chicken stock will pretty much be good "until you use it." Like the others who've posted here, I freeze stock in manageable sized containers. The ice cubes I pop out of the trays and store in Zip lock freezer bags. They are especially wonderful for pan sauces.
kimhw March 4, 2014
What did you store it in? The good zip freezer bags will last a year. The vacuum packets a little longer. I agree that you should portion out. It makes it so much more useable.

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K_Squared March 3, 2014
I usually freeze stock in a few different ways because I use it in many recipes.
1. Big 1 gallon freezer bags for when I intend to use it for broth/base for a soup. Like Michael ^ said, it will last a long time.
2. Quart freezer bags. These hold almost exactly 4 cups comfortably, which is interestingly the standard amount of broth required for many casseroles, pot pies, thicker stews, etc. Also lasts a long time.
3. Covered ice cube trays. These come in hand for when you only need a splash to 1 cup of broth. Maybe for just adding a bit of moisture or flavoring. The stock doesn't stay as fresh, so I try to use it within 2-4 weeks.
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