I have several questions about your soapstone pizza stone: what is shipping cost? how do you avoid cracking or breaking it? what is maximum temp.?

Will it go in oven and directly on a gas grill?



smslaw March 9, 2014
I have a piece of soapstone left over from my countertop (sink cutout) that I use as a pizza stone. There is no way you can overheat it in an oven or gas grill. It is breakable if dropped or not adequately supported, however.
Horto March 8, 2014
thinking about getting a baking steel
Laura B. March 7, 2014
Well there ya go! I called and asked from the phone number, but perhaps the lady thought I was referring to something else - nice catch and thanks for clarifying!
Greenstuff March 7, 2014
350°F for a pizza? Seems awfully low. The company that makes them says this about their soapstone griddles: "Our slabs have been fire tested to 1200°F so you can sear a steak at exceptional temperatures, or cook ribs low and slow until the meat falls off the bone."
Laura B. March 7, 2014
I can confirm that there is, in fact, an $8 flat shipping rate, which is a STEAL, because the pizza stone is quite heavy. The max temp to cook on this is 380 degrees, but the recommended cook temp is 350 degrees. To prevent damage to the pizza stone, wash it with warm water and just a little bit of soap (but not too much!). I hope this helps! :)
EmFraiche March 7, 2014
I believe there is an $8 flat rate shipping for Provisions. Can't speak to the other questions though.
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