Method for Smoking Chocolate

I live in Boston and a new popular chef owned restaurant here, Alden and Harlow, serves a very delicious Smoked Chocolate 'Bread Pudding' (not really, think tender dense thin cake, served in a mini cast iron pan) with Vanilla Ice Cream . To my delight, I found it really enchanting. Just smoky enough/ not overwhelming, and whatever dark chocolate they use, its flavor profile works very well with the smokiness.

I've done a bit of googling about smoking chocolate, and the methods are WIDELY different. Cold smoking seems to be the way to go, but temperature and length of time vary greatly. There is even a baker in Seattle who has started selling smoked chocolate chips at her cafe, and she does them in huge batches. Supposedly, she smokes them for TEN hours, but other recipes posted by pastry chefs- call for 45 minutes to an hour or so- for smoking time. Anyone worked out a method they like? TIA!

LeBec Fin


arcane54 March 16, 2014
I know! and don't you just LOVE them for it? Their comments always make we want to light, I mean lighten, up.
LeBec F. March 15, 2014
why is it always the guys that make the stupid non jokes?
Sam1148 March 14, 2014
If you're going to smoke chocolate...first you need to find a little pot.
RoderickCR March 14, 2014
I initially tried rolling it but found a hooka works great...instead of water I use 1/2 port (ruby is best) 1/2water. An easy,subtle, lingering high is achieved without any paranoia...
Aliwaks March 13, 2014
I've smoked cocoa powder, kept it in a pan in the smoker whilst smoking meats for about 6-8 was incredible.
HalfPint March 13, 2014
I've never smoked chocolate, but I think you would want to follow instructions for smoking cheese. There's a few videos on YouTube on cold-smoking cheese with a setup as simple as a box, a can, wood chips and a soldering iron.
LeBec F. March 17, 2014
what excellent thinking hp!
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