does reverse sear negate wood chip flavoring?

Usually I build a 2-level fire and sear the steaks, then move them to the cooler side and finish cooking while using wood chips wrapped in aluminum foil with a few holes punched to get smoke flavor.

I've read about using the reverse sear and have a question about whether this is compatible with using wood chips. I'm thinking that if I start on the cooler side and use the wood chips for smoke flavor, when I then sear the steaks it will burn away the smoke flavoring.

Does anyone have experience using wood chips for smoke flavor and a reverse sear?


  • Posted by: robby29
  • July 10, 2022
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1 Comment

702551 July 10, 2022
Reverse sear will not remove the acquired smoke flavor.

Here's another test with a smoked item. Fry up a strip of bacon. Is the smoke flavor gone?
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