Can I make mashed potato in advance and put in the fridge for use later?

Tom Ellingham


thirschfeld December 17, 2010
not a problem anyone
anyone December 17, 2010
Sorry to all for my rudeness, but an answer like "Flat out no" I thought deserved a ripping.
pierino December 17, 2010
Depends on your definition of professional. But pierino can spell it as well as anyone. Of course anyone can make a mistake.
Tom E. December 17, 2010
Thank you all for your responses, I only ask as I have had some very nice reheated mash potatoes reheated, although on recollection they certainly weren't fluffy, more like a paste, although very pleasant nonetheless!
Teri December 16, 2010
Thanks Thirschfeld. Couldn't have said it better myself.
thirschfeld December 16, 2010
Anyone, while I admire your candor and don't disagree with you about restaurants, I have to say I am not here to debate what someone is or is not. What I do know is pierino has posted some wonderful recipes and has a great sense of humor to go with it. He has great cooking knowledge and is usually right on. And yes sometimes what we talk about here on food52 is in a utopian kitchen and world but what the hell, we can dream can't we.
anyone December 16, 2010
Pierino should quit pretending. I have read his blog and there is no way he has been a proffesional but sure likes to act like it.
anyone December 16, 2010
Thirsch. It's nice to see someone who is willing to admit reheating cooked food. Most people on here just try so hard to be godly about everything they say yet would never admit it. People, the restaurant industry could not survive without par cooking, precooking and prepping in advance. It's just the way it is. Serving food in large quantities requires us to make mashers in advance. It's a starch and a side dish. Keep the godlyness for the entree'.
thirschfeld December 16, 2010
Pierino are you saying do not put them in the fridge unless you have made mashed potatoes and then it is ok? We used to pipe mashed potatoes from a pastry bag and we would wrap them in plastic wrap and put them in the fridge for the later service. We would pop them in the steamer still wrapped and they would come out fluffy and creamy. Sometimes we would have to add a little milk or cream but they were every bit as good. What you want to be careful of is overheating them and scorching the milk so if you microwave them don't over do it. Honestly though I think they are still best made and then eaten.
pierino December 16, 2010
Answer is a flat out "No" unless you are doing it for purposes other than creamy mashed potatoes.
Teri December 16, 2010
I'd say try to avoid it at all costs -- something about the fridge makes the potatoes tend to get gummy and watery, even if you add a little more hot cream to the mix when you reheat. If you're trying to free up some cooking time before serving a holiday meal, you can try a marvelous trick for keeping mashed potatoes warm -- use a slow cooker. Put the smashed taters into the cooker on its lowest setting and serve right out of the pot. Good for holiday buffets, so long as there's an outlet nearby.
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