how to peel a pepper

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lillian.spiller March 22, 2014
Just a quick note that you should not put hot peppers in plastic bags - the chemicals from the plastic will leach into the pepper.
jamcook March 22, 2014
If you were peeling raw peppers , a serrated peeler would be the perfect tool. I have one from Oxo that makes quick work of tomatoes and peaches as well.
mixter March 19, 2014
Ever since my husband fell in love with Marcella Hazan we have peeled our peppers. So it is a little time consuming. A peeled pepper is a completely different product from a roasted pepper. I have learned that it is not imperative that every little smidge of skin be removed.
luvcookbooks March 19, 2014 This food52 recipe does a good job of explaining how to peel a raw pepper and it's a great recipe. I like it better than roasted peppers.
ChezHenry March 17, 2014
Marcella Hazan always instructed to use a swivel peeler to peel both tomatoes and peppers. It works great for me.
bigpan March 16, 2014
Q = "why" peel a pepper (not how) ... The skin does not digest and blocks the flavor of the pepper. Most people don't peel peppers, or tomatoes, because they don't know why and are lazy.
Note that all "fine dining" restaurants serve peeled peppers and tomatoes - because they want the best flavors to come through - and charge you appropriately for doing that.
At home, it is part of the fun of cooking !
nancy E. March 19, 2014
Though I do not agree with calling those who do not peel lazy.
pierino March 16, 2014
While an Oxo swivel peeler works great, I agree with the suggestion to char the pepper on flame. It only enhances the flavor.

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jmburns March 16, 2014
I heat the pepper over an open flame until the skin chars then place in a bag to steam. Skin will come right off.
John R. March 16, 2014
why would you want to peel a pepper?
HalfPint March 19, 2014
@John R. Marshall, because the skin can be thick and tough.
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