When making meringue and using all those egg whites I hate to toss the yolks and waste them so... Can the yolks be frozen?

  • Posted by: see
  • March 18, 2014


see March 19, 2014
Thiese are wonderful suggestions. Now I truly feel that freezing the yolks will work well. Thank you all very much.
boulangere March 19, 2014
P.S. On the label - you label everything you freeze, right? - write either the number of yolks contained, or their total ounces. Typically, one egg yolk comprises .66 ounces.
boulangere March 19, 2014
However you decide to freeze them, be sure to first whisk them together. Otherwise, the membrane around the yolk tends to toughen when frozen, which makes them clumpy when thawed later on.
see March 19, 2014
I totally appreciate these wonderful responses. I can freeze yolks! Who knew!
nashama March 19, 2014
I've also frozen them with good results. I freeze them in ice cube trays and then store in a ziploc so I can thaw just what I need later. Works out great.
kimhw March 18, 2014
I've frozen them. Great results.
HalfPint March 18, 2014
Use the yolks to make custard or flan. You can also use it to make challah bread.
see March 18, 2014
Thanks. I was just hoping the yolks could be frozen until I had time to use them.
Derek,Nowell March 18, 2014
I have covered and refrigerated to make hollandaise the next day with breakfast.
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