Herbs in fresh bread

I make bread (no knead, 24 hour proof) and usually throw in some olives to make olive bread. I'm thinking about putting in some rosemary this time around but I'm not sure if I should use fresh or dried. Does anyone have any advice? Is it likely to come out out bitter at all?



ChefJune March 20, 2014
Any fresh herb adds luster to bread. Patty is right, use enough. Don't be shy. Rosemary bread makes amazing lamb sandwiches!
patty M. March 20, 2014
use fresh rosemary . .. chop enough so that you see specs of it liberally throughout the dough . . . think of making sure there is a taste of it in every bite of bread . . . it won't be bitter, but fragrant, flowery & a good accompaniment to olives
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