Can someone share a recipe of home baked bread with herbs like thyme, rosemary.

I have never prepared bread at home. We like fresh Italian herb bread which is soft to have with basil pesto...

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boulangere September 27, 2011
That was so sweet of you, wssmom. I just came across this question and was about to post the recipe. Thank you!
seabirdskitchen September 27, 2011 this is a really easy focaccia. I could imagine using cherry tomatoes instead of grapes.
lapadia September 27, 2011
Hi! Here is a recipe I make with both rosemary & thyme, I always make it during the Holidays in a wreath form, but it doesn't have to be in that form...a wonderful herb taste.:
wssmom September 26, 2011
Here is another lovely bread with lavender and thyme:

sdebrango September 26, 2011
Here is a wonderful recipe using rosemary:
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