I cooked the gnocchis according to instructions, letting the, come back up to the surface of the water. But they felt a little like undercooked d...

...ough. It that normal or is there a reason for this. I imagine the texture is a little different than the potatoe based gnocchis



Marcia A. January 27, 2019
You don't mention what the 'green sauce' is that is shown in the picture.... Please explain .
Cookie16 March 24, 2014
If you are seeking absolute perfection and are crazy like many of us are, maybe you can also pause in your kneading process - make a few gnocchi, cook them, and proceed or stop with kneading as you evaluate your results. Probably easy to do this as cooking gnocchi is such a speedy process!
Dominique March 24, 2014
Thank you very much ! I will pay attention to the consistency of the dough.
cdilaura March 24, 2014
Hi Dominique,

Since these are made with ricotta instead of potato they will feel lighter and more tender than the denser potato version. Once they've floated to the top they are done cooking and ready to be scooped out into your bowl. If you felt the consistency was undercooked, you could let them hang out at the surface for another 30-60 seconds and see if you prefer them after that test.

Also, one thing that may impact this is the consistency of the dough. Was the dough still sticky when you rolled them or was it nice and smooth after kneading in more flour? If it was on the sticky / wet side, perhaps you could try kneading in more flour and see if that helps as well.

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