Does anyone have a good recipe for chicken paprika?

What kind of paprika ?



Pegeen March 26, 2014
Reminded of the scene in When Harry Met Sally: "Waiter, there's too much pepper in my paprikash."
amysarah March 25, 2014
Definitely serve with spaetzle, or if pressed for time, at least broad buttered egg noodles. My Hungarian grandmother almost always served her paprikash with Nokedli (the Hungarian version of spaetzle) - no special tool, she just methodically dripped the batter from a big spoon into a pot of simmering water. Delicious.
Maedl March 25, 2014
My grandmother used a knife and small cutting board to cut tiny spätzle directly into a pot of boiling water.
Maedl March 25, 2014
The best chicken paprikash I've eaten comes from the Time Life Foods of the World series. It is in the spiral-bound volume on the food of Vienna's empire, page 21. It is simple, based on very few ingredients and utterly satisfying. This series is readily available and it shouldn't be too hard to find. If you can't get your hands on it, I can copy the recipe for you.

I also suggest that to accompany the paprikash, you make Spätzle (that is the German name, but Spätzle are found throughout Central Europe under a variety of names) or some other sort of dumplings, perhaps bread, potato, or yeast dumplings. Open a bottle of Hungarian wine, put on a couple CDs of Johann Strauss, Franz Liszt and Brahms, and dream of an evening on the Danube.
Lindsay-Jean H. March 24, 2014
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