Help please I have chicken paprika cumin ginger curry powder and cocunut milk . I don't have any lemon grass, so a thai curry is out :0( Oh yeah and I have red chillies



phyllis November 24, 2010
It's often difficult in my urban suburb to find lemongrass. Unless it's a main flavor, I generally omit. You have great ingredients for a Thai or Indian curry or just a curry. It'll be delicious. It's great to cook and improvise.
Sadassa_Ulna November 24, 2010
It sounds delicious to me, lemongrass or not!
Verdigris November 24, 2010
You could use lemon zest or preserved lemons in place of the lemon grass.
chefdaniel November 24, 2010
Cilantro or just use what you have. Most of my Asian recipes do not use the lemon grass. that is the fun part of cooking...experimenting
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