I am travelling to New York, and have several food allergies. Where in Manhattan can I find cheesecake that is egg-free, gluten-free, and nut-free?

  • Posted by: Sheena
  • March 25, 2014


Valentina S. March 26, 2014
Sorry I cannot help you with cheesecake, but while you're in NY I'd give Victory Garden a shot. They make ice cream with goat milk, and their middle-east inspired flavors are to DIE for. There are so many great things to have in NY - cheesecake is not even the first on the list :)
Bevi March 26, 2014
Message Anita Electric. i bet she can help you. http://food52.com/users/4804-anitalectric
Sheena March 26, 2014
Thank you so much for the suggestions! For those of you asking "why?" it was just something I hoped to be able to have while in New York. I know it wouldn't be the "real thing" but thought it would be fun. Allergies make you miss out on yumminess all the time and it's nice to feel like a somewhat-normal person on vacation :)
Shalini March 26, 2014
Also, I suggested Sheena ask our wonderful, inclusive food community for suggestions. Since food 52 is based in NYC, I figured some people would definitely know where to source delicious, gluten-free desserts. :)
ChezHenry March 25, 2014
Hate to sound Snarky, but why not try a different dessert? No eggs, gluten or nuts is kinda the anti-cheesecake in my book.
dinner A. March 25, 2014
Red Bamboo (in Greenwich Village) has really good vegan cheesecake (and I say this as a definite vegan cheese skeptic). I'm sure some of it is nut free, but I don't know about the gluten.
I wouldn't otherwise particularly recommend the place though.
irina March 25, 2014
What does New York have to do with this? New York's cheesecake is famous, but it's not vegan.
Just speak with your local vegan place and have them make it for you.
HalfPint March 25, 2014
Search for gluten-free bakeries. Here's a list of the 'best' bake shops for GF baked goods, they might be able to make you what you need, http://newyork.cbslocal.com/top-lists/nycs-6-best-bake-shops-for-gluten-free-desserts/

Your best bet might be to search for no-bake cheesecakes since they (usually) don't have eggs, just the dairy & gelatin (which is GF).
The L. March 25, 2014
I would Google "vegan cheesecake Manhattan" and see what happens. I can't envision a cheesecake that actually uses cheese but not eggs in that cheesecake is basically a custard.
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