I need a gluten and nut free pie crust. Lots of gluten free but when I search for nut-free, all I get is nut recipes!

  • Posted by: Bri
  • November 25, 2015


AntoniaJames November 25, 2015
What are you using to fill it? You can make a nice cookie crumb crust for pumpkin pie, and even pecan pie, using gluten free ginger snaps. I'm making this one (though I'm not using gluten free cookies because I don't have to): https://food52.com/recipes/31635-bourbon-pumpkin-pie It's in the oven now. I had to put a collar on the outer rim after 15 minutes because it started to look too dark for the length of cooking time left, but it smells divine.
Good luck and most of all, have fun! ;o)
AntoniaJames November 25, 2015
P.S. The hard "cat cookies" (chocolate) from Trader Joe's also make an excellent crumb crust - as do the regular ones.
Leslie S. November 25, 2015
Here's a great one! https://food52.com/blog/11720-how-to-make-gluten-and-dairy-free-pie-crust
Leslie S. November 25, 2015
Here's also a menu for gluten-free and vegan Thanksgiving recipes in case you're looking for a few more dishes that are accommodating! https://food52.com/blog/14602-a-guide-to-the-ultimate-vegan-gluten-free-thanksgiving
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