How do you BBQ a whole chicken

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1 Comment

anyone December 16, 2010
It depends on what you mean by bbq. Do you just want to cook it or smoke it. I have found that inderect heat whether gas, charcoal, or wood is best. This elminates fire flare ups caused by the fat of the skin. High heat or low heat will work. If you want crispy skin high heat works best. If you want it to fall off the bone then use low heat. Either way inderect dry heat. Cook chicken until you reach an internal temp 165F at the inside of the thigh. Your preperation could include trussing the chicken. Seasonings are up to you, I like salt, pepper, sage. Some say to cook with back down but others say this dries out the breast and that you should cook breast down.

Step 1. Get your BBQ to desired heat (low heat slow cook under 300F fast cook crispy skin 450F for 45 min. or so).

Step 2. Rinse, pat dry, season and truss chicken.

Step 3. Put chicken on BBQ and cook until it reaches desired temp.

Step 4. Keep an eye on your BBQ temp and watch for flames.

Step 5. Remove, let stand for 5-10 min. portion and enjoy.
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