When slow cooking ribs, should the membrane covering one side of the ribs be removed?

  • Posted by: Ted
  • March 29, 2014


The L. March 30, 2014
This is one of those divisive issues in BBQ. Some say the membrane helps to keep the ribs moist, others say it does not. My .02 is that it's not good eats, is visually unattractive & therefore I agree with the others and remove it as indicated.
Dave O. March 30, 2014
Take it off. I use a butter knife. If you don't, it just becomes tough and will be annoying when you try to eat your delicious ribs.
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 30, 2014
I always remove the membrane with a paper towel at one end and pull back. IMHO, it helps making the marinade, rub penetrate and the heat evenly distributes for a tender rib and easier to eat.
bigpan March 30, 2014
IF you don't remove the membrane, no problem. It will help hold the ribs together if you cook to a very soft stage.
However, IF you want the best ribs, get a piece of membrane started(slip a knife edge underneath) then grab it with a bit of paper towel so it does not slip out of your hands, and rip it off in one easy piece.
As for cooking, I only use the slow-and-low method. I put in the over, loosely covered with foil at 225F for about 3 hours. Then drain off the liquid, flip them over, recover and cook another 3 hours at 225F. By now they are getting close. Drain again and put a bit of sauce on them and back into the oven for an hour or two. Although if you cook for a long long time they might dry out, they are basically ready after 6-7 hours.
At this point, eat them - OR, put in the fridge and slap on the BBQ the next day. I have never been able to wait the extra day.
Stand back and accept the applause and cheering !
Fred V. March 30, 2014
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