Prime Rib Tips

I am making a Prime Rib for the Holidays and plan to let it rest at least an hour before serving. I only have one oven and would like to use it for some appetizers and other dinner components that cook at a way different temp than the prime rib which I will be serving before dinner. How far in advance to you recommend making Prime Rib and how do you recommend keeping it warm if it is not be served immediately within the hour of removing it from the oven?

Antigoni Sander McCloud


Antigoni S. December 6, 2014
RLW - That is great advice! In fact I DO have access to a Cambro! I co-own a Mediterranean Restaurant and Catering business so we have loads of them! We don't make prime rib, ever, so I was struggling with what to do with it to keep it warm and rare! Thanks for the suggestion!!
RLW December 6, 2014

The best way to hold it would be to use Cambro insulated box -- but unless you are in the catering or restaurant trade it is not worth the investment. A good substitute is to take a Styrofoam cooler (ice chest) , ideal size is not too much bigger than your roast. Lay it on it's side so it will be easier to take things in and out; remove the roast from the oven, wrap in foil, place it on a pan or tray that fits and slide it into the cooler, put the lid on and it will hold the temp for 90 minutes. Do not remove the lid and peek or you will loose the heat that build up.

This also gives the roast an hour or so to settle so it should be nice and juicy when you slice to serve.


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