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Can a prime rib be taken out of the oven and finish we cooking in a day or so

Dinner guest canceled seven bone prime rib place in oven for one hour only can I take it out refrigerant after it cools down
And cook it in a day or two fully

asked by Tony Villalba 8 months ago
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Lindsay-Jean Hard

Lindsay-Jean is a Contributing Writer & Editor at Food52.

added 8 months ago

I'm sorry this didn't get answered in time to help you! What did you end up doing with your prime rib?

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added 8 months ago

I'm not sure if it's too late to answer but yes, absolutely, however I would definitely use a thermometer to determine doneness. Whatever cooking times you used based on weight are basically useless.

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added 8 months ago

I'm curious, how did the interrupted roasting turn out? I would want to cry if this happened to my 7 rib prime rib roast.