I wish to cancel food 52, my name is sally ulam

i didn't tag as i don't know how as i just wish to cancel



Karl R. July 16, 2014
Hi Kim - apologies for the bad experience. Susan is correct - it's not possible to opt out of just one thread without adding another comment - something we'll resolve soon.

Also - you can always uncheck the email preference "About comments on recipes or articles I've commented on" to opt out of all comment threads across the board here:


I've gone ahead and made sure you won't receive any more comment notification emails.

I hope this solves the problem for you, and I'd be happy to remove your account if you'd still prefer that - just let me know.
Susan W. July 16, 2014
Kim, if you go to the thread, click on "answer" there is an option to opt out on receiving emails regarding future answers. You may have to actually post to get it to kick in. Not positive.
Amanda H. April 9, 2014
Do you wish to stop receiving emails? If so, there's an unsubscribe button at the bottom of all of our emails -- simply click this link.
Kim H. July 16, 2014
I've tried multiple times and it won't stop sending me emails regarding a thread I posted on today, so I want to cancel ... please help!
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